The easy answer is to simply come. You don't need to do any pre-arrive steps.
While we do billing off a monthly timetable, we do not have pre-set sections or deadlines to enroll. Sign-ups can happen at any time and we will slide you into class. Simply show up ~10mins before your allotted class time starts and speak with an instructor. We will make sure you have everything you need and your student can join class that day.

Uniforms are not required until 30 Days after your sign-up date. Until your uniform arrives, you can simply wear flexible clothing and a loose fitting top. Clothing like leggings, yoga pants, gym shorts, tank tops, and t-shirts are commonly chosen. Your shoe choice does not matter as you should plan on being barefoot while on the  training mats. 

Karate is a great mental and physical excersise. No matter your age you will gain more flexibility, endurance, strength,  balance, self-confidence and more. Health concerns are taken into consideration. There is no pressure to go beyond your physical abilities. 
  1. White
  2. Yellow
  3. Orange
  4. Blue
  5. Green
  6. Purple
  7. Brown
  8. Red
  9. Shodan-Ho (Black w/ White Stripe)
  10. 1st Dan Black Belt
  11. 1st Dan Intermediate Black Belt
  12. 2nd Dan Black Belt
  13. 2nd Dan Intermediate Black Belt
  14. 3rd Dan Black Belt
  15. 4th Dan Black Belt
  16. 5th Dan Black Belt
....... And so forth  
Each student progresses at their own pace. When students take a break for the summer or would like to take more time to study the material it adds time to their progression. We hold a test every three months, but there is no pressure to test at every one. If a students faithfully comes to every class(twice a week) and tests on schedule, they can earn their black belt in roughly 3 years. 
Our Karate program runs all year long, in order to facilitate such options. Many students will take the summer off or a certain school semester break in order to participate in another sport. Since karate is not a team sport and relies solely on the individual's progress you do not need to worry about your absence hindering another student. Once you finish your other sport you may pick back up where you left off in your karate career.  
No, in fact there are many studies done that show the opposite tends to occur. We teach discipline and how to control one's anger and outrage in a constructive manner. In fact, we insist that students do not use their learned skills anywhere other than the karate school or under extreme emergencies, unless they are practicing alone at home.  Often times when you see kids using "karate" kicks and punches on the playground it is because they are imitating something they saw someone do in a movie or show. 
No, we ask that once you make your decision of whether to attend class #1 or class #2, that you remain consistent.  This is to maintain class sizes. However, if you need to change your chosen class time, please speak with an instructor
Currently we can accept, Cash, Check in person and Paypal through this website. 
YES! Simply arrive 5-10mins before the start of a class time and an instructor will give you a short run-down of what you can expect. Then you are more then welcome to simply watch a class and see what goes on. You don't have to stay until the end, simply leave when you feel like you have gotten a good idea of how a class is run. 

We have a Public Facebook page "Blissfield Karate" where we post all class cancellations. If you are unsure if class is being held on a particular night, make certain you check there first to prevent miscommunications.

Our school policy is that if Blissfield Schools are closed for WEATHER RELATED reasons we will also be closed.

This does NOT apply to school cancellations associated with holidays such as President's Day and MLK Day. We will still hold classes on those days unless announced otherwise.