The program is designed for children 4-6 years old. Lil' Dragon Classes are held during the Summer months, every Monday from 5:00pm - 6:00pm.  This year classes will run from June 13th through August 1st. Since July 4th falls on a Monday this year that week's class will be on July 6th. 

In addition to fun, high-energy activities, these classes teach the Lil' Dragons useful skills to be used outside the classroom. With lessons involving stranger danger, fire safety, first aid, and 911 phone skills,  students will get much more out of these classes than great karate skills. They focus on 8 major skill areas: Control, Focus, Balance, Teamwork, Memory, Discipline, Coordination, and Fitness.

Lil' Dragons will earn patches, which are placed on their uniform, to show their advancement. 

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